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  • Titan Speeflo Side Striper - Line Striper
    $399.95 W/ Free Shipping !!!
    titan line striper Titan Speeflo Side Striper - Line Striper

  • WW200 - Whisper Wash Seal Kit
    whisperwash hover cover part WW200 - Whisper Wash Seal Kit

  • PP4138B-050 - Pressure Washer Hose - 4000 PSI
    50ft x 4000 psi from $ 59.95
    misc pc accessory PP4138B-050 - Pressure Washer Hose - 4000 PSI

  • 10-500 - Gun Cleaning Brush Kit
    Contains 18 Pieces
    ca hvlp part 10-500 - Gun Cleaning Brush Kit

  • 256855 - Graco HVLP Edge Gun W/1 Qt Cup
    $349.95 W/FREE Shipping
    graco hvlp part 256855 - Graco HVLP Edge Gun W/1 Qt Cup

  • 262800 - Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer
    Starting @ $349.00 W/Free Shipping
    graco electric airless 262800 - Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer

  • 243176 - Cylinder W/Sleeve
    graco airless repair part 243176 - Cylinder W/Sleeve

  • 244194 - Pump Packing Repair Kit
    graco airless repair part 244194 - Pump Packing Repair Kit

  • 704300A - Siphon and Return Hose Complete Set
    titan airless repair part 704300A - Siphon and Return Hose Complete Set

  • 150707 - Stens Recoil Starter Honda GX340, GX390, GX610 & GX620 Engines
    After-market priced @ $39.95
    stens engine part 150707 - Stens Recoil Starter Honda GX340, GX390, GX610 & GX620 Engines

  • 125568 - Stens Gas/Fuel Tank Honda GX240, GX270, GX340 & GX390 Engines
    Quality Aftermarket @ $39.95
    stens engine part 125568 - Stens Gas/Fuel Tank Honda GX240, GX270, GX340 & GX390 Engines

  • 60-TRBN-1 - C.A. Technologies HVLP Turbine Outfit
    On Sale $639.00 W/Free Shipping
    ca turbine hvlp 60-TRBN-1 - C.A. Technologies HVLP Turbine Outfit

  • JNSHIRT-X - JNEquipment Tee Shirt
    Comes in S,M,L,XL & XXL
    misc pc accessory JNSHIRT-X - JNEquipment Tee Shirt

  • BE 90700250 - AgriEase 25 Gallon Spot Sprayer
    1.0 GPM @ 30 PSI with a 25 Gallon Tank
    be lawn garden BE 90700250 - AgriEase 25 Gallon Spot Sprayer

  • 0279942 - HVLP Maxum II Gun Maintenance Kit
    Includes #2 and #4 Projector Sets and more !
    spraytech hvlp part 0279942 - HVLP Maxum II Gun Maintenance Kit

  • Teknor Apex - 988VR-100 Garden Hose 3/4in. x 100ft.
    3/4 in. x 100 ft. Heavy-Duty Garden Hose
    misc lawn garden Teknor Apex - 988VR-100  Garden Hose 3/4in. x 100ft.

  • 0524039 - Titan PowerTex HVLP Texture Gun with Hopper
    Only $69.95 While they last !
    spraytech turbine hvlp 0524039 - Titan PowerTex HVLP Texture Gun with Hopper

  • BC100H - Black Cat Portable HVLP Cart Unit W/L100H Gun
    Compressor, 2.5 Gal Tank & HVLP Gun Included !
    ca hvlp airspray BC100H - Black Cat Portable HVLP Cart Unit W/L100H Gun

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Home >> >> 0552058 - Titan Advantage 600 High Rider Airless Paint Sprayer details

  0552058 - Titan Advantage 600 High Rider Airless Paint Sprayer

Item Number: T0552058
This unit is no longer in production

J.N. Equipment carrys replacement
and repair parts for this unit

Please see below
  • 3100 PSI
  • .70 GPM
  • Max Tip - .027
  • 1.70 HP PMDC Brushless Motor
  • Features
  • Sleeveless fluid section minimizes repair costs
  • Time tested painter proven fluid section
  • Exclusive DCX Motor and Brushless PMDC sealed and protected from overspray
  • Lifetime Service
  • High flow prime spray valve
  • Stationary packings with no cylinder to wear or replace

legacy unit 0552058 - Titan Advantage 600 High Rider Airless Paint Sprayer

The Titan Advantage 600 is the perfect sprayer for residential repaints and smaller commercial jobs. Sprays all coatings, from stain and sealers to enamel, latex and light elastomerics.
We carry BEDFORDS'S complete line of aftermarket repair kits and parts
These high quality parts cost less than the manufacturer

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