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10-116 – B14 / C14 / CATalyzer AAA Air Motor Repair Kit



C.A. Technologies OEM part 10-116 air motor repair kit for C14, B14 14:1 and CATalyzer 2 Component air assisted airlesses.
eplacing the air motor rod seal/guide assembly. The main air motor rod seal/guide assembly can be replaced without major disassembly of air motor.
1. Push the air motor rod up as high as possible.
2. Using a 7/16 wrench, remove the three hex head bolts and remove the seal retainer plate. The exposed end of the guide has a groove. Using two screw drivers, engage the groove and pry the seal/guide assembly out.
3. Lubricate o-ring (98-7035) and the new seal/guide assembly with petroleum jelly. Insert over air motor rod and into gland cavity. Caution! Use care not to damage seal lips.
4. Replace the retainer plate and three retainer plate screws.
Complete air motor disassembly. It is recommended that repair kit # 10-116 be on hand before starting pump repair.
1. Remove the air motor cover using a 1/4 hex wrench.
2. Remove the four allen head bolts (98-0197).
3. Remove the exhaust cap, valve plate, and exhaust spacer.
4. Push the air motor rod to the up position. Lift up on locknut (98-0196) until a flat on the trip rod is exposed just outside the top cylinder head. Using a 1/4 open end wrench on the trip rod and a second 1/4 wrench on the locknut, remove the locknut.
5. Continue holding the trip rod and unscrew the magnet assembly. Remove the spacer and servo piston. Note: Wrap the magnet assembly in a clean paper towel as it will attract any nearby magnetic debris.
6. Using a 1/2 wrench, remove the four hex head bolt holding retaining the cylinder head. Remove the cylinder head, cylinder and transfer tube.
7. Push the air motor rod out of the motor base. Using a 5/8 open end wrench on the air motor rod and a 1 1/4 wrench, remove the piston retainer. The trip rod and trip springs can be removed for inspection.
8. See instructions above for removal and replacement of the seal/guide assembly in the motor base.
9. Reassemble air motor in reverse order. Lubricate all o-rings using petroleum jelly during reassembly.


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