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L100C-XX-XXXX – Lynx L100C Conventional Pressure Feed Air Spray Gun



L100C-XX-XXXX – Lynx L100C Conventional Pressure Feed Air Spray Gun

L100C-XX-XXXX Lynx L100C Conventional Pressure Feed Air Spray Gun. C.A.Technologies LYNX L100C is a general purpose conventional air spray gun for spraying a wide range of coatings. With stainless Steel fluid passages it replaces Binks model 2001 & Binks model 2100 Spray Guns. Designed for production use, the L100C is perfect for all coatings from thin to thick. It can be used with internal mix nozzles as well as carbide-tipped fluid nozzles for abrasives. This gun features a self-adjusting needle and air valve packing, an air adjusting valve and rugged construction. The Lynx gun comes standard with all stainless steel fluid passages.


C.A.Technologies Conventional Air Spray Gun with Stainless Steel fluid passages.

Choose Pressure Feed 0.8mm to 2.8mm Fluid Nozzle.

Consumes between 14 to 16 CFM

Weight – 20 oz

Large selection of Air Caps & Fluid Nozzles available.

Standard Air Cap 2263 Consumes 14 CFM

Other air nozzles available

Air Inlet: 1/4 in. NPS(m)

Fluid Inlet: 3/8 in. NPS(m)

Pressure Cups and supply hoses are sold separately.

Repair Kit P/N: CA10-106

Approximate Air Cap Pattern Width at 8″

Air Cap 2263 – 14″

Air Cap 2266-3 – 15″

Air Cap 2167 – 15″

Air Cap 2168 – 12″

L100C-08-2263 – 0.8mm Stain

L100C-10-2263 – 1.0mm

L100C-12-2263 – 1.2mm Lacquer/Automotive

L100C-13-2263 – 1.3mm Lacquer/Automotive

L100C-15-2263 – 1.5mm

L100C-18-2263 – 1.8mm

L100C-13-2266-3 – 1.3mm x 2266-3 Light Contact Cement 1.2

L100C-15-2266-3 – 1.5mm x 2266-3 Medium Contact Cement

L100C-18-2266-3 – 1.8mm x 2266-3 Common Contact Cement

L100C-22-2167 – 2.2mm

L100C-28-2168 – 2.8mm Gelcoat

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Prop 65 Warning!

This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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