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Stealth Soft Wash Chemicals Bulk Pricing (Minimum 4 x 5 Gallons)


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Stealth Soft Wash Chemicals Bulk Pricing (Minimum 4 x 5 Gallons)

Enjoy bulk pricing with this special bundle of various 5 gallon chemical pails. Here is an overview of the options you have:

  • 5 Gallon ‘Citrus Mask’ Chlorine-Bleach stable Surfactant (SWC01-5)
  • 5 Gallon ‘Lemon Mask’ Chlorine-Bleach stable Surfactant (SWC02-5)
  • 5 Gallon ‘Counteragent’ Chlorine Neutralizer rinse down for your Equipment (SWC03-5)
  • 5 Gallon ‘Citrus Tough’ Exterior Cleaner (SWC05-5)
  • 5 Gallon ‘Gutter Bite’ Gutter Cleaning Surface Cleaner (SWC06-5)
  • 5 Gallon ‘Deck Wash’ Wood Surface Cleaner (SWC07-5)

Citrus Mask Description:

Citrus Mask’s Biodegradable, high foaming formula is built into an all in one high tech “bleach cloaking” process. Citrus Mask has fantastic wetting properties that help create more foam that is longer lasting, thus bringing greater surface time efficiency. Citrus Mask’s unique cloaking ability infuses its ground breaking orange aroma to bring forth a pleasant solution to roof and house washing.

Lemon Mask Description:

Lemon Mask is a non-hazardous bleach friendly additive with a pronounced fresh lemon scent designed to mask bleach odors. Thick lemony foam generated with your bleach cleaning solutions will enhance the cleaning process saving time and expense. Thicker foam will aid in extending the contact time of your sodium hypochlorite “bleach” to cling on to roofs, walls, etc. Lemon Mask contains an extra penetrating surfactant to accelerate a more effective advanced bleach cleaning along with a pleasant lemon scent that pleases both the applier as well as the home owner. Can be used with most house and roof cleaning solutions, with or without bleach.

Counteragent Description:

Counteragent is utilized as a secondary roof rinse to neutralize corrosive bleach crystals before reaching drip lines. Bleach Streak on glass results from poor rinsing of bleach solutions when they contact hot panes. Counteragent removes bleach streak. A regular spray down with Counteragent at days end will neutralize bleach crystals on equipment, trailers and vehicles, helping to protect from rapid corrosion. Pumps, sprayers, hoses and fittings can be flushed, thus stopping premature repairs and replacement.

Citrus Tough Description:

Citrus Tough is formulated for exterior cleaning of vinyl, aluminum and wood siding. Citrus Tough is very effective in cold or hot water, high pressure washing of mobile homes, RV’s, trucks, trailers, buildings, etc. It is also an excellent pre-spray for use on extremely difficult cleaning jobs and will clean engines, vinyl, white wall tires, stainless steel, floors, walls and counter tops. The corrosives inhibitors and water softeners in this product help prevent rusting of ferrous metals and scale build-up in heating coils.

Gutter Bite Description:

Gutter Bite super concentrate is designed for the professional to be cost effective and highly efficient. 1 quart of Super Concentrate makes 2 to 4 gallons of ready to use cleaner.
Depending on the severity of the soil Gutter Bite can be a touchless spray on and rinse, or if needed a light agitation with a soft brush.

Deck Wash Description:

DECK WASH is a high quality cleaner specially designed for cedar wood decks and other exposed wood surfaces. Quickly loosens and removes mold and mildew without damage to the surface. DECK WASH will degrease cooking greases.


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