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Stealth ‘Start your own Pressure Washer Business’ Pack PP4040-HGD-PACK


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Stealth ‘Start your own Pressure Washer Business’ Pack PP4040-HGD-PACK

Comes with a 4 GPM & 4000 PSI Pressure Washer, 20″ Surface Cleaner, 18′ Telescoping Wand, Ball Valve, Wand with Gun and 2 x 50′ Hoses.

This is the perfect package to start your own pressure washing venture:

  • The 4040-HGD Pressure Washer has a gold standard performance of 4 GPM & 4000 PSI with a GX390 Honda Engine and an EZ4040 General Pump – both excellent brands & models for this industry.
  • The 20″ Surface Cleaner is standard size for sidewalks, driveways and other flat surfaces to clean not just well – but efficiently.
  • The 18′ Telescoping Wand allows you to do roof and wall cleaning without having to get a ladder, making it safer for you while still getting the job done.
  • The Ball Valve opens and shuts the water flow at any spot you want, wherever you mount it – making it a great tool in your toolbox.
  • This setup comes with a Trigger Gun and Wand to connect to the pressure washer hose – allowing you to utilize the 4 GPM & 4000 PSI of the Stealth 4040HGD.
  • You get 2 sections of 50′ hoses which you can combine together to 100′ of total length, or have 1 replacement in case one hose gets damaged, allowing you flexibility and reliability.

P-E4040-HGD Pressure Washer Information

The Stealth P-E4040HG Pressure Washer is a Honda GX390 Powered 4000 PSI / 4 GPM pressure cleaner with a General EZ4040G Direct Drive Pump.

Comes complete with the following accessories:

  • Gun/Wand Assembly with quick connects
  • 50′ hose with couplers
  • Chemical Injector
  • 4 color coded QC spray nozzles
  • 1 color coded QC chemical nozzle

Standard Features:

  • Dual Bolt-on handles (no welds to break)
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • 50 mesh inlet filter
  • Adjustable Pressure Unloader
  • Low oil shutdown
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Dual padded rubber front feet
  • Heavy Duty 3/4′ axle
  • Thermo Valve to protect pump from overheating

General EZ4040G – Pressure Washer Pump Information

Pump Specs:


Max. GPM 4.0
Max. PSI 4000
RPM 3400
Bore .512″ – 13mm
Stroke .512″ – 13mm
Required HP 16.4 GBHP
Shipping Weight 20 lbs
Comes with SAE J609B Flange

Hollow Shaft – General Pump EZ 44 Series Specs:


Max. Inlet Pressure 125 PSI
Max. Fluid Temperature 165 Degrees Fahrenheit
Inlet Port Thread 1/2″ – 14 BSP-F
Discharge Port Thread 3/8″ – 19 BSP-F
Shaft Diameter 1″
Pump Dimensions 8.8″ x 9.7″ x 6.5″
Crankcase Oil Capacity 14.0 oz (use GP Series 100 Oil)

Hollow Shaft – General Pump EZ 44 Series Features:

  • Triplex Plunger Pump.
  • Forged brass manifold with exclusive lifetime warranty.
  • Solid ceramic plunger design
  • Die/cast, anodized aluminum oil bath crankcase
  • Unitized stainless steel inlet and discharge valves

18′ Telescoping Wand Information

The 18 Telescoping Wand is for up to 3 stories high cleaning jobs and can be used with hot or cold pressure washers. Nozzle Holder accepts standard quick couple spray nozzles. Comes with compensating trigger gun.


  • GPM: 10.5
  • Max. PSI: 4000
  • Outlet: 1/4 Quick Disconnect
  • Retracted Dimensions: 6.1 x 7 5
  • Max. Temperature: 195 Degrees Fahrenheit

20 inch Surface Cleaner Information

The 20 inch is a brand-new Surface Cleaner with a durable ABS plastic cover.


  • Cleaning any surface you can think of from pool decks and patios to parking lots.
  • Eliminates Zebra striping like no other Surface Cleaner
  • Great quality and cleaning time, both at a great price
  • Minimizing overspray
  • Lightweight & durable hover covers
  • Rebuildable industry standard swivel
  • 3/8 Quick Connector for immediate setup
  • Water flow towards the front, keeping the user dry

Technical Specs:

  • 1000 to 4000 PSI Rated
  • Requires: 4-8 GPM
  • For use up to 200 Degrees F
  • Weight: 23.8 lbs
  • 20 inch Diameter Cover
  • For use With: 11 HP or Larger Gasoline Engines

Ball Valve 3/8 FNPT x 3000 PSI, Complete with Quick Couplers Information

The PCI Ball Valve 3/8 FNPT x 3000 PSI comes complete with Quick Couplers. Due to the harsh environment that pressure washer ball valves are used in they do not come with any time warranty. They are dragged across the ground, dropped off roofs, and used as a wash down nozzles when half closed. Allows you to change from surface cleaner to hand gun while under pressure
Rated at 3000 PSI Working Pressure.

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Wheel Cart

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Engine Model

Honda GX390

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