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Stak Rack 12 Unit Contractor Pack Drying Rack Kit


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Stak Rack 12 Unit Contractor Pack Drying Rack Kit

Stak Rack 12 Unit Contractor Pack Drying Rack Kit. Stack Rack painting tool. A revolutionary product that allows you to paint and stack doors and trim with ease. Now a contractor or home owner an create a controlled environment in one area of a room. Stak Rack is not just another gimmicky tool. This innovative product designed by contractors, is sure to find its way into every work truck, tool box, and job site. Why It saves time and money. Nothing on the market compares to the versatility of this patented product for stacking and painting doors and trim, even if you find yourself working on your own. Stak Rack is the all new must have tool for the industry.

Why Stak Rack

  • Space saver
  • Less project handling
  • Time saver
  • More organized
  • User friendly
  • Quality control
  • Reusable
  • Virtually eliminate runs
  • Versatile
  • Ability to care for multiple projects at one time
  • Thicker layers of paint
  • Less congested work space for other contractors

SKU: SR4005

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